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Get all the benefits of having a personal trainer with your own personalised online coaching plan.

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Why Online Coaching?

Not everyone can afford one-on-one gym sessions, especially if you want to train more than once a week. Online personal training can reduce the cost of effective training.

While online coaching may involve more self-motivation, if you follow the plan properly you will still see results. You will recieve messages & Skype calls (if you want them) each week to check in on your progress and making sure that you are completing your workouts. There really are no excuses anymore!

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A custom, detailed nutrition plan is the key to successful healthy eating. Having a specific plan takes the guess work out of meal selection, grocery shopping and meal prep.

Preparing your meals and following the plan will reduce waste & lower the cost of your weekly shop. Once you realise you can eat well and still enjoy your meals, you will be less likely to eat out and spend money on the same food you can prepare at home.

Your goals are always considered when creating your nutrition plan. When your calories & macros are in-line with your objective and workouts, you are likely to accelerate your results.

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See Real Results

Skeptics think that the one downfall to online training is the safety factor. To be truthful, online training is probably best suited for people who are a bit more advanced in their fitness, and just need an extra push and some guidance to get in shape.

RLynn Fitness can provide custom exercise plans and clear instructions on how to do a specific exercise–and if all else fails, you can always message us with your questions if you’re unsure how to do it.

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How it Works 

1. Get in touch

Contact me through my website (button below) or on social media and let me know you are interested.

2. Questionnaire

Prospective clients fill in a questionnaire which will allow me to create your personalised training plan based on the information you provide.

3. Training Program

Once I created your personalised training program, I will send it to you via email or social media. You can then start training and seeing results!

4. Continued Support

I will be available at scheduled times each week to answer any questions you many have. I will continue to monitor your progress and help you achieve your goals.

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